A Green Lifestyle to Give Our Kids a Healthy Environment

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We are now living in a world where pollution is destroying everything in nature, and we’re seeing terrible effects like acid rain and global warming. It seems as if we’re ignoring the damage we’re causing this amazing planet of ours. For city-dwellers it may seem like a tantalising mirage to think of inhaling cool, clean air into their lungs, with no harmful poisons or toxins. We’re already paying the price, though, for the pollution we keep creating; the environment and our physical well-being is being made vulnerable by the air’s toxicity.

We humans find it hard to avoid the fallout from the terrible effect that pollution, such as oil and chemical spills, is having on our oceans and all its inhabitants. The harvesting of fish used to provide many people with livings, but pollution is quickly putting paid to those livelihoods. Neighborhoods have relied on fishing for hundreds of years, for both food and economic prospects, and now all of this is coming to an end for many. Still fresh in our memories is the Deepwater Horizon disaster, which gave ample testimony to the disastrous effect of oil spills, causing the loss of many jobs and costing billions of dollars. The food chain as well as the whole of the ecosystem experienced heavy damage, as a direct consequence of the deaths of large numbers of not only fish but also birds. All of this just for oil, a shameful example of humans putting themselves before other creatures and the planet.

As the world’s known oil reserves approach exhaustion, billions are pumped into exploration for new fields, money which could be used to increase and develop green energy production. Present green energy choices, which do no damage to the environment, are capable of supplying a lot of our energy needs. Take solar panels for instance, they will work efficiently in sunny locations and they can produce electricity as well as heat up water. A further green energy source is wind turbines, that transform energy contained in wind to electricity. The positive side of wind turbines is they work 24/7, providing there is adequate wind. The search for green energy alternatives is now progressively more important as we near the end of our oil reserves, not to mention the harm oil does to the environment. If we did that, global warming as well as the other ruinous results of pollution could perhaps be stopped, and just possibly reversed.

The primary beneficiaries will undoubtedly be ourselves, and of course our descendants in the longer term. We desire for our children to grow up surrounded by all the splendor the planet is gifted with, happy and without fear of violent, distressing weather events and food shortages. This isn’t going to be possible unless we start living green and helping the environment.

It will be a huge and rewarding achievement to restrict the harm to our home, planet earth, and it’s environment, but it will take time, much money and plenty of work.

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